Tree Swallow Bird Boxes Needed!


Tree Swallows nest at a number of sites in the Meadowlands and Hackensack River watershed every spring. According to Cornell’s All About Birds website, “Tree Swallows breed in open habitats such as fields and wetlands, usually adjacent to water. They nest in artificial nest boxes as well as tree cavities. Foraging flocks are frequently seen over wetlands, water, and agricultural fields.” In order to accommodate them, MCT is seeking donated bird boxes or a group that is willing to make the boxes as a community service project.

The MCT has been fortunate to be the recipient of several top scout honor projects from 2012-2014, including 2 Eagle Scout projects and a Girl Scout Gold Award project. We worked closely with the scouts to help them meet the requirements of their projects. Congratulations and thanks go to:
Adam Baczynskyj, Troop 104 of Wayne, NJ donated 82 bird boxes
John Benducci, Troop 1345 of Dumont, NJ donated 50 bird boxes
Katelyn Wise, Troop 986 of Allendale, NJ donated 45 bird boxes

Sanz with BirdhouseIf you would like to help, here are directions for making a Tree Swallow bird box, courtesy of Shaw Creek Bird Supply. Call us in advance to let us know that you are interested in making a donation of bird boxes (201-460-3722). Please note that the MCT will supply the poles.

Here are directions to building a swallow box.