Teaneck Pomander Walk

teaneck-pomander walk-view from old pier662 Pomander Walk in Teaneck, New Jersey is formally recorded as Lot 2, Block 212 in local tax records. The parcel of land is approximately 76 feet by 200 feet (15,202+ square feet).

The irregular shaped interior lot located on the south side of Pomander Walk has frontage on the Walk with the entire southerly border of the property along the Hackensack River.

Historically, the subject site was part of a larger 125 acre farm. It was bought by the Zabriskie family in 1684. Albert Zabriskie was a translator for local Native Americans and it is believed that the remains of his family, slaves, and nearby natives are located on this land within the Indian-Slave Cemetery. It is also believe that two other families (Kipp and Cadmus) used the burial site to bury their own blood relatives and African American slaves.

teaneck-pomander walk-river view from patioIn 2004, Dr. Gustavo Garces bought the propert for $330,000. The Township Council pledged to bond as much as $325,000, while the Coalition for the Preservation of Teaneck’s Indian-Slave Cemetery raised an additional $15,000 to be contributed. MCT vowed to assist in the remaining funding needed to acquire this property for the residents of Teaneck. Upon completion of the purchase of the Pomander Walk property, the MCT agreed to hold a conservation easement in donation form, and Teaneck would pay for accouterments and maintenance of the property and retain the fee simple title of the property. Easement wording acknowledges that there is a cemetery present on the site and prohibits archaeological digging and new roads and driveways. The property is open for public use and river access.